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Long long ago..

My tryst with art started as careless scribbles in the last pages of my school notebook. My parents accidentally noticed them and signed me up to learn the basics. Years flew by, I continued scribbling oblivious of how these strokes were influencing me. Fast forward to 2007, my two best friends decided to give me a full set of oil colors and pastels for my birthday. And with that started my beautiful journey with oil paintings.

Falling in love..

It became apparent to me that art is as good as the artist's observation: the colors, the hues, the shadows, the highlights. Just taking note of life around, showed me the grandiose of daily life. My art evolved as my tool to be in the moment. ​


As I kept at it I started translating my moods and thoughts as colors and shapes. Each piece of my work became an expression of who I was, what I felt. I became hopelessly attached to them.

Moving on..

In 2013, a friend wanted to buy one of my paintings. I refused but she would not give up. She offered to support the education charity that I cared about in exchange for a painting. That made me feel that it was worth parting with my creation. And I started selling. Till date, I have supported school education of 16 children with my paintings

The average me..

Awareness, presence, soul searching is what my art brings out in me. But on any regular day, I am just a person making a sincere attempt to make the most out of the minute I have - sometimes I do, many times I don't. My goal is to always keep trying. 

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